2013-04-16  ObjectAL 2.1 Released

  • ObjectAL now supports Mac OSX as well as iOS
  • Demo app now compiles for both Mac and iOS
  • Reworked the action system to be more flexible when adding time curve functions
  • Added source notifications, which call user code when ALSource playback completes
  • Better multithreading support
  • Many bugfixes

2011-12-17  ObjectAL 2.1 Released

  • ObjectAL supports compilation with or without ARC
  • Updated to compile without warning in Xcode 4.2 using CLANG
  • Demo app updated to use cocos2d 1.0.1
  • ALChannelSource now supports adding/removing sources, and splitting off and joining channels
  • Better queue support in ALSource
  • OALSimpleAudio can now be initialized with a user defined number of mono and stereo sources
  • Many bugfixes

2011-02-19  ObjectAL 2.0 Released

Major changes (incompatible with version 1.x):

  • BackgroundAudio has been replaced with OALAudioTrack and OALAudioTracks.
  • ObjectAL has been renamed to OpenALManager.
  • IphoneAudioSupport has been replaced with IOSAudioSession, with OpenAL loader functions moved to OpenALManager and OALAudioFile, and other utility functions moved to OALTools.
  • SimpleIphoneAudio has been renamed to OALSimpleAudio.
  • SoundSource has been renamed to ALSoundSource.
  • ChannelSource has been renamed to ALChannelSource.
  • SoundSourcePool has been renamed to ALSoundSourcePool.

New Classes:

  • OALAudioTrack: Allows more than one background audio track to play at a time.
  • OALAction: Allows actions to be performed on audio objects. You can configure ObjectAL to make all actions subclasses of cocos2d actions in ObjectALConfig.h
  • OALFunction: Allows you to modify how a duration based fade, pan, or pitch gets applied in an action.

Other changes:

  • Changed the file layout.
  • SoundSource objects (such as ALSource) support duration based fade, pan, and pitch.
  • OALAudioSupport has new properties "hardwareMuted" "hardwareVolume", "audioRoute", and "ipodDucking".
  • OALSimpleAudio has methods to preload multiple sound files at a time.
  • OALAudioTrack supports duration based fade and pan.
  • OALAudioTrack has notifications for start/stop playback and for when the source changes.
  • Audio tracks support starting playback at an arbitrary point.
  • OALAudioSession and other audio objects can now be suspended manually
  • New demo: Audio Tracks.
  • New demo: Hardware Monitoring.
  • ObjectAL can now be compiled as Objective-C++ if you want.
  • Fixed crash issue when the first attempt to start the audio session fails.
  • Workaround for compiler bug when compiling for iOS4.1 with LLVM.
  • Fix for SynthesizeSingleton when using a nonstandard init method.
  • Compiles with stricter warnings.
  • Audio objects now have "volume" as an alias to "gain".
  • Fixed bug that caused distortion when loading certain formats into OpenAL.
  • Much improved audio session handling for various edge cases.
  • Better interrupt handling.

2010-09-21  ObjectAL 1.1 Released

  • Added realtime fading to ObjectAL and BackgroundAudio
  • Moved "allowIpod", "honorSilentSwitch", and "ipodPlaying" from BackgroundAudio to IphoneAudioSupport
  • Added new boolean switch "useHardwareIfAvailable" to IphoneAudioSupport
  • IphoneAudioSupport now accepts a session category override for traditional kAudioSessionProperty_AudioCategory style category setting.
  • Added compile-time configuration file ObjectALConfig.h
  • All library calls are now synchronized (can be disabled in ObjectALConfig.h)
  • Improved audio session handling
  • Compatible with CLANG-LLVM 1.5 compiler
  • Simulator bug workaround now disabled by default
  • Various bug fixes

2010-06-12  ObjectAL 1.0 Released

  • First GitHib release of ObjectAL.